Hulu: Action thriller starring Anne Heche -The most-watched movie in the US

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In the US, Hulu’s top slot has been claimed by one of Anne Heche’s posthumous releases.

Last year, a horrific car accident claimed the life of actress Anne Heche. She will, however, continue to appear in films that have posthumous premieres. One of these has already been made available, and it is currently Hulu’s most popular video in the US.

FlixPatrol, a website that gathers audience data from streaming services, reports that the film has beaten “Plane,” starring Gerard Butler, which held the top slot for the previous few weeks.

Along with Heche, Alec Baldwin, Skeet Ulrich, Daniel Diemer, and Jordan are featured in the 2021 film, which was shot in Georgia. Mrs. Kristine Seamón. Discover all there is to know about this movie.

“Supercell,” the victoriously bad movie on Hulu

The action-packed catastrophe film “Supercell” is directed by Herbert James Winterstern. The story follows a young man who sets out to follow his father, the famous storm chaser Bill Brody, and how his friends and family band together to save him.

The movie, which was created by Winterstern and Anna Elizabeth James, had a March debut and received unfavourable reviews from critics.

Despite receiving a 50% rating from Rotten Tomatoes, the audience ratings give it a strong 81%.

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