California Earthquake – Didn’t done much major damage

The 5.1-magnitude earthquake was one of numerous situations that officials had to deal with, but there were no initial reports of severe damage or injuries.


On a Sunday afternoon, all of California’s weaknesses appeared to be on exhibit. Firefighters working close to the Oregon border were battling a blaze that increased by 2,000 acres over night in addition to the torrential rains of a very rare tropical storm.

Then the ground began to shake.

It’s unlikely that the 5.1-magnitude earthquake near Ojai, California, did much major harm. However, those in Los Angeles, which is 60 miles southeast of the epicentre, saw swaying that persisted for a while.

When a 3.5-magnitude earthquake occurs, it frequently feels as if your desk was suddenly bumped. According to Jana Pursley, a geophysicist with the U.S. Geological Survey, the Ojai earthquake was somewhat larger than that and might have resulted in some minor wall cracking.

There haven’t been any reports of damage as of yet, despite the fact that the earthquake was felt throughout much of Santa Barbara County, which is only 15 miles from Ojai, according to Jackie Ruiz, public relations specialist with the Santa Barbara County Office of Emergency Management.

According to Ms. Ruiz, “generally speaking, it sounds as though people felt the shake, received the alerts, and experienced no impacts.”

She said that local authorities were managing several crises on Sunday, with the tropical storm’s rainfall predicted to peak between 4 and 10 p.m. and a fire that started on Saturday still raging in the county’s northern region.

It was “absolutely a busy day,” Ms. Ruiz remarked.

However, the earthquake that occurred on Sunday was quite little in comparison to some of the larger ones that have significantly damaged California. A 1994 earthquake with a magnitude of 6.7 that shook the Los Angeles neighbourhood of Northridge released 125 times more energy than the earthquake that rocked Ojai today.

The Loma Prieta earthquake, which struck the San Francisco Bay Area in 1989 and killed over 60 people, was 253 times stronger than the Ojai earthquake.

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